Fantastic runs over the Heralds: testimony from Br. Teresinha2 minutos para ler

On October 26, 2019, Mr. Walace Lara, a reporter for Rede Globo, went to a headquarters of the Heralds of the Gospel in Caieiras to interview the religious institution in the context of a program to be presented by him in Fantástico.

However, once on the scene, the reporter refused to listen to members of the Heralds who were there, eager to restore the truth that had been distorted by the broadcaster in previous program. Outraged by the attitude of the report, the families who were present expelled the reporter and his staff from the venue, to the cries of "racism" and "religious discrimination".

In the video we share the sequel, The Go. Teresinha reveals what really happened in the exorcism of which she was objected, and whose images – in addition to being disseminated illegally – were intentionally manipulated.

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Sister Karina Lorrayne Herdy Corbiceiro Zebendo, better known as Br. Terezinha, was also not heard by the Globo network in the interview with the Heralds of the Gospel. She said she had her image illegally circulated on social media in videos in which she received a blessing of liberation because they did not obtain their consent to the publication.

This sister explains that she was going through a very difficult moment of spiritual crisis, in which she was affected by diabolical possessions, so she asked for help. The priest who gave him the blessing only had the desire to help him and is eternally grateful for the help he has given, he assures.

As for the supposed aggression son by the blessing celebrant, he reveals:

"It's ridiculous what they keep commenting that I've had aggression, I didn't feel anything. The priest's deal, the supposed cries the priest gave were not with me, were with the devil because with the devil one does not speak, one does not talk; the devil is inscribed."

During the videos in which the image of Br appeared. Terezinha, the priest invectively inferred the demon to utter the formula of vows. Sister complains that this situation was used to spark controversy, and clarifies what really happened: how the demon had declared that he would only come out with the recitation of the formula of votes, so the priest forced him to pronounce it. What was the result? She replies:

"He left. It was the general joy, this part does not show in any video: all the joy, contentment, my joy of seeing myself free from that yoke I carried. I want to make it very clear that I don't have the votes, I didn't take the votes at that moment. Neither did the priest force me, no sister forced me: it was just a formula for the devil to leave."


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