Don Beni: Monsignor John and the Heralds are a gift from God to the Church2 minutos para ler

Knowing the slanders that are being conveyed against the Heralds of the Gospel and against its founder, by the media, Don Benedito Beni dos Santos wanted to leave consignment, in an interview published by HERALD TV on November 18, 2019, the his testimony as bishop of the Catholic Church and great connoisseur of this Institution and its founder.

Don Beni has been linked to the Heralds of the Gospel since 2002, when he was appointed by Don Cláudio Hummes to accompany them in the organization of the seminary of Philosophy and Theology, seeking "competent teachers, faithful to the magisterium of the Church to teach in this seminar."

Concerning the founder of the Institution, Don Beni gives his testimony:

"Mons. John Claudia is, in fact, a complete person, let's say, is a godsend to the Church. First, because he teaches through his testimony of life."

And he adds:

"The Heralds proclaim the Gospel not only with their mouths, but with the witness of life."

After discussing the spirituality of the Institution, Don Beni shows how it develops a current evangelization, according to the teachings of the Second Vatican Council. Claims:

"The Heralds of the Gospel are a gift to the whole Church, because they are missionaries, but at the same time they are contemplative, they are monks, carry out missions in various parts of Brazil that, above all, have as our lady's center."

Don Beni, however, does not shy away from reality: "Of course all the movements of the Church face problems," and concludes:

"By looking at the life and performance of the Heralds of the Gospel, we can say that they remain faithful to the teaching of the Church, faithful to the Gospel."


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