List of sections


Opinion articles, studies, reviews, deepening, on any topic of interest, be it theological, canonical, philosophical or topical. These articles are usually longer, and are intended for a more specialized audience, interested in penetrating the background in the matter in focus.


The world is convulsed, not only by the various crises that plague it, but also by the constant avalanche of indiscriminate news to which we are subject, morning, afternoon and night. Above all, it becomes increasingly difficult to distinguish between the yam and wheat, truth and error, good and evil, especially by the internet offers us all the extremes at the same level of credibility. Heralds Vérites proposes, within its modest limits, to offer their readers some news of today, about the world, the Church or the Heralds of the Gospel. In this section are grouped articles whose main interest is in constituting novelty on some burning theme, and in particular interest of the general public.


The best way to know the truth is to resort to the testimony of people who have had direct contact, from experience, with the facts and events. Here it is not about "hearing say": it is reality, told by those who lived it.


Heralds Véritas is not just a news agency; seeks to be also a reliable, official source of reference on topics related to the Heralds of the Gospel. Indeed, certain media sectors seek to take advantage unscrupulously of any pretext to create fake, misrepresented, and eventually frankly slanderous news. In these circumstances, nothing like having access, firsthand, to the documents themselves that are at the root of the statements, so that each can form their own opinion, with balance of judgment and without prejudice, both about the Institution and on its Detractors. This is what Heralds Véritas, among other objectives, will strive to provide the general public through this section.


History repeats itself, though never exactly the same way. Jesus warned his disciples that they "called themselves Belzebú to their father, let's do so to the people of your home!" (Mt 10:25), and so in fact happened, not once, but a thousand times throughout the history of the Church. Knowing the history of the Saints (hagiography comes from Greek: hagios, saint; and graphía, write), is to know the vicissitudes through which Christ goes again in the people of his chosen. And knowing the past helps recognize the present, and intuit what the future still holds for us.


The past is a treasure trove of invaluable wealth experiences not only for culture and information, but as an invaluable aid for building a better future. In this section, all matters that are useful to help the reader form an independent opinion, without interference from party theories, whatever their orientation.


The legacy of the Founder of the Heralds of the Gospel, Monsignor John Scognamiglio Clá Dias, is of immense wealth, as his numerous publications attest. However, much of its production remains unprecedented. In the section "Lights of Faith and Hope", excerpts of this vast work will be published, so conducive to raising each one's mind to God, in a climate of recollection, meditation and prayer.


The enemies of truth do not have many resources to attack it, and so they always have to resort to the same arguments. To give them something of novelty, as time goes by, they just seek to give new labels to the same realejos, to the point of becoming tiring. In this section is placed a review of the accusations that, over the decades, have been made against the institution, with its respective clarification. The only job to do, to make this section updated, will be to join the new masks with the old rickets.