Response to Metropolises – 4 of 11: mysterious death or vilipendium to the peace of the dead?2 minutos para ler

The Press Department of the Heralds of the Gospel published on August 28, 2019, an extensive report entitled "Persecution of the Catholic Church in Brazil?", in which the fallacious statements contained in a report entitled "The secrets of Heralds: what hide the walls of castles inhabited by ultraconservative Catholic group", published on August 23, 2019 by the news portal Metropolises.

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3. Mysterious death or vilipenium to the peace of the dead?

He taught the illustrious Roman author Terêncio (19th century). II BC): "Fallacia combines combine trudit", which in other words means: "A lie generates other lies". That's what happens in the case of so-called "mysterious death." Like this:

– Why didn't the Metropolis Portal take care to seek the father of the deceased young woman, Dr. Pedro Uchida, who still in the time of his younger age had the legal custody of his daughter and who closely accompanied his formation and vocation?

– Why wasn't the Metropolis Portal careful to look for the father of Br. Livia, to find out about all the steps that were taken at the time of the accident?

– Why didn't the Metropolis Portal have the slightest impartiality in verifying the conclusion of the expert report of this accident, as well as the police investigation already permanently closed?

Thus, with the same diligence he uses to foment malevolences, he would have found what actually occurred: nothing more than an accident. Making other hypotheses on the subject are mere lessons, as well as vilipidand disrespect for the peace of the dead.

A video is available on Youtube (https://youtu.be/kQ_aUaC-K5E) in which the father of The Ir. Livia, Dr. Pedro Uchida, serenely, gives the true version of the facts.


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