Don Sérgio expresses gratitude and support for the Heralds of the GospelNem um minuto para ler

On November 16, 2019, after the celebration of a Holy Mass in the Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary, in which some 150 faithful of the parish Our Lady of Graces, Bishop Sérgio Aparecido Colombo, diocesan bishop of Bragança Paulista, expressed the I want to bear your testimony about the Heralds of the Gospel.

It is of relevant importance to note that the mother house of the Clerical Society Virgo Flos Carmeli is located in its diocese, which also has a parish entrusted to herald priests. Therefore, the assistant may contact the opinion of one of the authorities that accompanies the association more closely.

When he began his words, Dom Sérgio said he was his positive testimony, and that, in the almost ten years he is in the diocese of Bragança Paulista, he always found in the Heralds of the Gospel great closeness to the bishop and restivity to the other parishes and Dioceses.

He also declared that it was the parish of Our Lady of Graces — which is under the direction of the Heralds of the Gospel — a "true missionary ecclesial community", never lacking with catechetical education to children, assistance to the sick, support for the bride and groom, and Eucharistic celebrations for all faithful.

Finally, in an environment of great ecclesial communion, Don Sérgio ended his testimony by saying, "My word is of gratitude, it is of joy, it is of friendship, it is of support."


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