From Fantastic's DNA, aggression and forgery never exclude3 minutos para ler

O Revmo. Pe. Olaf brought us a valuable statement, which we are pleased to reproduce below. This priest is a great friend of the Heralds, longtime; a friend of the hard hours of all time and the Heralds are especially grateful to him for their tireless unveiling, as i do not mediate efforts to meet the needs of each. In your statement, Fr. Olaf – while expressing his solidarity with the Heralds of the Gospel – recalls facts that lived first-person, which mean, to him, that "aggression and forgery" are not a recent resource on the part of the "Fantastic" program. Parentheses come from the original text itself.

I was celebrating (watching) the marriage of two couples when, just at the time of the exchange of consent, they burst inopinadamente by the church reporters and cameramen with all the paraphernalia of camcorders and record labels, more like armed robbers, the point of provoking frightened exclamations from the assistants (ahhhh!). This occurred on August 14 or 15 of 1978. TV Globo should have in its files the exact data.

In all haste they approach the priest, separate the first couple (who were answering the "SIM") with their hands and insert the microphone near my mouth, with questions, committing the crime of "mob of worship" according to the Penal Code. I then called a group of men who were attending the ceremony to remove these "kids" from the church so I could continue the ceremony. Come men, boys, ladies, ladies, moved by great indignation and anger and put journalists and helpers running for a car and disappearing. In the riot, a high-value film maker broke up.

Another crime of Globo: they did not fail to film this group of about twenty people with their hands raised against them and increting them, but presented this scene in Fantástico as if it were a riot against the parish priest of Santo Antonio de Miracema, not against them. They were worthless the disproved and letter I sent to the network's director, Roberto Marinho.

From the beginning, the moral characteristic of Fantástico, as well as that of certain leftist currents in Brazil, is aggressiveness and forgery

It is seen that, from the beginning, the moral characteristic of Fantástico, as well as that of certain leftist currents in Brazil, is aggressiveness and falsification.

All this noisy farce was intended to reach the forerunners of the Heralds (TFP), as was explicitly seen in the next Fantastic program. There was not enough reason to tumultuatize such a small town as Miracema, even less a small chapel in a district of hers.

*     *     *

Years later, one of those who architected this farce – director of Fantástico – was affected by a sudden evil (getting a little paralyzed). Through his friend wanted to reconcile with me, even wishing to be with me, but wanted this friendly person to be present, because he was very ashamed (of what he had done). By aggravating his illness, he could not perform this desideratate, but exchanged correspondence with me, including sending religious books. He then devoted himself to doing research on the lives of saints, in fact, the ones I read, very objective and unprecedented.

In Iesu et Maria

Pe. José Olavo Pires Trindade.


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