Fantastic runs over the Heralds: testimony from Br. Mariane2 minutos para ler

On October 26, 2019, Mr. Walace Lara, a reporter for Rede Globo, went to a headquarters of the Heralds of the Gospel in Caieiras to interview the religious institution in the context of a program to be presented by him in Fantástico.

However, once on the scene, the reporter refused to listen to members of the Heralds who were there, eager to restore the truth that had been distorted by the broadcaster in previous program. Outraged by the attitude of the report, the families who were present expelled the reporter and his staff from the venue, to the cries of "racism" and "religious discrimination".

In the video we share the sequel, The Go. Mariane Mariano Secundino, 24, cites her own experience as afro-descendant to refute the slander of alleged "racism" and "discrimination" that, according to Globo veiculou, the Heralds would have practiced.

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The Afrodescendant religious wanted to give her testimony, about the situation of vexation and discomfort caused by the attitude of reporters of TV Globo:

"I sincerely felt very offended, not only as my person, but of all and all who are present here of the black race and who are part of this Association."

According to her, the accusation of "racism" against the Heralds of the Gospel is unthinkable, for she has always enjoyed a cordial relationship with her sisters of vocation, doing the same activities as them. To Rede Globo, she states that, as for racist attitudes on the part of the institution, "this has never happened here". She states, on the contrary, that all live in perfect communion, practicing the same faith.

He made sure he likes to provide help whenever he needs it. And he concluded:

"Does to get to heaven have to have any high office? No[…]! to[…] reach heaven, there is no race or color or social class."


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