Capital Letter – 9 out of 9: Do the Heralds intend to defend their identity?Nem um minuto para ler

On October 10, 2019, the Heralds of the Gospel were sought by Carta Capital magazine and, for 45 minutes, answered some questions brought by reporter Thais Reis Oliveira. The interview was carried out at the Mother House of the Heralds of the Gospel and was attended by Fr. Alex Barbosa de Brito, member of the Virgo Flos Carmeli Clerical Society of Apostolic Life and spiritual assistant to the Heralds of the Gospel.

Before completing her report, the interviewer asked whether the Heralds of the Gospel institution and its members aim to defend themselves against the accusations, to remain as they are.

Watch the response in the video below:


The Ep. Alex replied immediately:

"Of course it'[a Instituição]s going to stay the way it is!"

And he continues his response with a weighting addressed to the reporter:

"If you're doing what you think is right, and you know that what you do is not a crime or a crime, but it's the free exercise of your profession, supported by the constitution and other civil laws, will you hold firm[…], or not?"

And he concluded by ensuring:

"If I am a priest, I will [me]stand firm in my purpose of continuing to do well: administering the sacraments, serving confessions, visiting incarc[e]erated sick to the end of my life; with God's grace, that's what I hope."


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