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Monsignor John: Honoring Father and Mother is a source of blessings4 minutos para ler

In homily spoken on 27 December 2009, the founder of the Heralds of the Gospel, Monsignor John Scognamiglio Clá Dias, EP, preaches upon the beatitudes with which, according to scripture, God rewards those who sincerely honor their fathers and are to them submissive, like Man-God himself.

Watch the excerpt:

Following are the very words of Monsignor John Claudia:

"… Jesus then came down with his parents to Nazareth and was obedient to them..."[1]

Although He said that He was in the father's house—and should be —He was obedient. Why is that? Because He wanted to set that example. How many years? Thirty years! Thirty years of obedience. And He who lived thirty-three, ninety percent of His life was obedience to his parents. […]

"… Whoever honors your father, reaches the forgiveness of sins… ”

Honoring the father is an element to obtain from God thanks to repentance; is an effective instrument for the person, at some point, to change his life until. She, when, in a situation of anguish for having gone wrong, for having proceeded as she should not, in these circumstances or in those circumstances, she will find ways to put her soul alone, because God will smile at her in a special way, because she honored her father . And whoever honors your father achieves the forgiveness of sins. He, God, pours special graces to those children who have veneration for their parents, to those children who submit to the education of their parents, undergo the guidance of their parents, undergo the obedience of their parents.

"… avoids committing them …"

Therefore, until the grace of getting rid of falling into these or those faults against the Law of God, this grace is given to those who respect parents.

"… will be heard in everyday prayer …"

I mean, your prayer has more strength. […]God makes hard ears for those who mistreated their parents. Moreover, God will divinize this human relationship, this natural relationship that exists between parents and children, and says:

"… Whoever respects your mother is like someone who gathers treasures…"

In respecting the mother, she enters — for the one who proceeds, the one who proceeds so — enters a flow of graces, a flow of extraordinary gifts. […]

"… Those who respect your father will have a long life…"

Especially this one. It's, after all, another award. Longevity does not depend on vitamins, does not depend on a continuous, routine examination; every six months, colossal tests, I don't know how much… It depends on this, "that's what Scripture says—it depends on respecting the father and mother. There's an extraordinary reason for longevity.

"… My son, he's backed your father in old age and doesn't cause him heartbreak while he lives…"

That is, the father must go through his whole life, being venerated by his son until the moment his son studied, his son graduated, his son has acquired positions, functions, rose, he is much more than his father; his father was something about him that was left behind. He overcame his father in a number of aspects. And he sees his father now, from above, with regard to the rango, with regard to the lookout to which he rose; he sees things much more depth, with much more breadth, he has a much richer panorama than his father.

And the father, moreover, begins to fail in his human nature, in his physical: the views are already tired, the ear no longer works as before, he has sonos in completely unusual hours, he no longer climbs the stairs except with the support of someone, he , above all, has memory failing, failing attention and sometimes has reactions that could irritate this or that… not to the son. To the son, who is entirely in accordance with what Scripture says, he takes his father more fondly, with more affection, and treats the father with more kindness, with more veneration, with more respect, with more honor. […]

We must take everything that the Church teaches us, all that life teaches us, everything God teaches us through the circumstances of life, through family life, through all that constitutes our existence on the face of the earth , we must take all these lessons and put into our hearts all these lessons, and meditate on these lessons, and make these lessons come to life in us.

[1]Homily excerpt of December 27, 2009.


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