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Homily: True history is governed by the Righteous3 minutos para ler

The Heralds of the Gospel seek to bring the Good News of the Gospel everywhere. There where they are invited to act, in coordination with the pastoral guidelines of each diocese, the Herald priests seek to bring words of joy, trust and support to Catholics and to all men and women of good will. In order to take this message even further, the "Word for Our Day" programme seeks to offer a synthetic view of the essential points of the liturgy of each Sunday.

In the video we offered below, excerpts from some of the homilies delivered on Sunday, December 22, 2019, were compiled in the most diverse places of this immense and blessed Brazil:

  • Pe. André Luiz de Moura – Headquarters of the Heralds, in Brasilia (DF)
  • Pe. Andrey Almeida Durães – Headquarters of the Heralds, in Recife (PE)
  • Pe. Charlemagne Defanti – Oratory Our Lady of Fatima in Nova Friburgo (RJ)
  • Pe. Celso Bruno Gonçalves Sá – Chapel Nossa Senhora de Lourdes, in Mairiporã (SP)
  • Pe. Cristian Bitencourt – Seat of the Heralds in Cariacica (ES)
  • Pe. João Carlos Fidelis de Moura – Chapel Of Our Lady of Good Council, in São Carlos (SP)
  • Pe. João Carlos Fidelis de Moura – Sacred Church Heart of Jesus, in Piedade (SP)
  • Pe. Lourenço Isidoro Ferronatto – Oratory Our Lady of Fatima in Nova Friburgo (RJ)
  • Pe. Luiz Francisco Beccari – Capela São Francisco, caieiras (SP)



The true story, which really gives way to events, does not occur in the fausts and grandeurs of the world, but in the heart of the righteous and in their faithfulness. The proof of this is in the gospel: Our Lady and St Joseph were unknown and erased in the eyes of the world, but they were deciding the salvation of all mankind…!

Who was St. Joseph? The Gospel presents him as a descendant of David, heir to the royalty of the chosen people, a prophetic, most holy and immaculate man. However, who honored him as he deserved? One of the evidence of the decay of the elected people is precisely that he was not able to recognize where the righteous was, nor justice… It was god himself who took care of making history go through his hands, exude it, and glorify him.

St. Joseph was flexible to the voice of grace – in something as simple as a dream… " and "did not fear" in "doing" as the Lord had commanded him. With that, he had part in the mystery of redemption.

Now, each of us receives from God thank you for recognizing where salvation is, where our Lady is, where the Church is, "Virgin, who conceives and gives birth"… holiness.

Will we be able, like St. Joseph, to overcome fear and fear? Will we be able to do what God wants from us, receiving the true Church in our homes, in our lives? Are we – as the psalm says – "the generation of those who seek the God of Israel and seek his face"?

We will follow the voice of the prophet, who – like Isaiah, at first reading – tells us to look up to Heaven to ask for a sign of God, showing where his Most Holy Hand is? Or will we be like Acaz, naturalists, worldly, confident only in ourselves, and what the world says and promises?


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