Monsignor John: The "maternality" of God3 minutos para ler

In homily given on May 14, 2006, at a headquarters of the entity in São Paulo (SP), the founder of the Heralds of the Gospel, Monsignor João Scognamiglio Clá Dias, EP, establishes a parallel between the way of acting God with men, and the way a mother acts with the us children.

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Following are the very words of Monsignor John Claudia:

"We had no idea of God's maternality if we didn't know what a mother is.

And, you see: mother, mother, God raised his mother because He wanted to make us feel how much He is, at the same time, Father and, at the same time, Mother. Because the image of dad and mother is so rich, it doesn't fit in one figure. Someone who plays the role of father and mother at the same time is impossible! There is only one Being who plays the role of mother and father at the same time: God! God is A Mother, God is a Father, God is Brother, God is A Servant, God is Lord! He has all the images, and so He says, "I am the vine", as He says here; "I am the Truth, I am the Way, I am life" (cf. Jn 14: 6). And in fact that's right, he's everything! But we would have no idea what God's goodness is, what God's motherhood is, if we didn't know there's a mother.

The mother is willing to give up her own life for her son. For it was what did Our Lord Jesus Christ: Our Lord Jesus Christ preferred to die Him for us. And there's the motherhood extraordinarily represented in God.

God is Mother; God cares about us much more than any mother cares about her son. And He wanted to create this figure so that we may understand how good He Is, how much He, God, is maternal to us, how willing he is to forgive all our faults, how much He God is entirely ready to hear our repentance, and to give us a pardon that will take us from the tip of our hair to the sole of the feet.

But when you talk about the mother, you talk about the father; when you talk about the father, you talk about mom. It's the family, this mother cell of society. It is the Holy Family that is the ultimate example for us, where we find a perfect, perfect figure, which is from Our Lady, and an impeccable figure, which is from St Joseph.

That is what we are made for: we were made to rise again on the day of Judgment and then to penetrate into eternity and live all together in eternity, with our mothers, with our mothers, with our fathers, with our brothers and sisters, to live all together in eternal happiness. For this is that we are born and for this is that we must fight and that must be our effort, above all this eternal destiny of ours."


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