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In the context of the controversy raised by the Spanish magazine Vida Nueva, the press sector of the Heralds of the Gospel proceeded to require the publication of a second article, as a right of reply, to restore the truth of the facts in the face of the article "Heraldos del Evangelio: abierto case", of October 25, 2019.

It follows, the continuation, Part II of this second article of the Heralds, published in Vida Nueva on November 19, 2019. Understand the entire context of the story by reading the introduction to Part I, previously published.

Continuation: Response of the Heralds of the Gospel to "Nueva Life"

"For the saints, who are upon the earth, noble men, is all my love"

"Vatican dicasteries especially worry about the devotion that members would profess to the founder," according to one of the calls of minor's article. On this subject, it was sufficiently clearly in the response given earlier to "Vida Nueva". In fact, from the doctrinal, canonical and liturgical point of view, this theme also addressed in the dossier of 572 pages that the Heralds presented to CIVCSVA. There is nothing in it contrary to sound Catholic doctrine. The dulia in its theological sense is exposed in the Suma of St. Thomas. It is a virtue derived from justice, and does not constitute a seven-headed monster. Whoever wishes to delve deeper into this theme has at his disposal the wisdom of Aquinate that always does well to the mind and heart.

The fact that Minor repeats an accusation already answered means of two one: either we are in a dialogue of deaf, unproductive from an intellectual point of view, or to present it only the accusations of abuse seemed weak, and it was necessary to fill the tray with the leftover yesterday … But to give it a freshly cooked appearance, besides requening it, it was necessary to add salt to it. Yes, according to one of the alleged victims, the cult of the founder would be… Fanatic! Here we appeal to Pilate and, paraphrasing one of his dialogues with Jesus, we ask: What is it to be fanatical? The term fanatic is widely used, but few know its Latin etymological origin that refers to adherents of a single temple or god in times of polytheism. A kind of monotheism avant la lettre. In this sense, Jews have always been fanatical and Catholics also worship one God.

But returning to our case: do the Heralds, for example, in some of their homes maintain perpetual Eucharistic worship: fanatical cult? They recite the complete Holy Rosary: fanatical Marian devotion?… Among them the role of the founder and the inspirations of spirituality itself is of great importance, precisely because they lead to a practice of Eucharistic and Marian piety overflowing with life, as well as a sincere love for the Church.

On the other hand, we may be allowed to emphasize that, in today's ecclesial conjuncture, it appears pharisaic scandal on the part of Minor he feels chills by respect and deference dedicated to a founder in the Institution himself erected, and remain neutral against other types of pseudocult at least strangers or unrelated to Catholicism that we have been watching lately. In the face of a Catholic panorama so upset by the sins of the children of the Church, is it necessary to enumerate bizarre and scandalous attitudes that border, to say little, to idolatry? So it's worth asking: aren't there any more serious, urgent and pernicious questions to worry about before rushing to take a supposed cisco out of the Herald's eye? In this case, why not put into practice the Holy Gospel?

Other varied and generic accusations

Minor's sentence also lists other accusations regarding "irregular exorcism and altered faith content to manipulate people." Also, says journalist Minor, "an episode of presumed induced suicide will be studied."

For the most part, these questions were clarified in our previous answer. For the sake of truth, without embargo, we will present some specific considerations about it.

  1. There was no practice of irregular exorcism as has already been explained. And the vast majority of those benefited by the healing and liberation blessings given by the priests of the Heralds have left their testimony of gratitude. Such documents, numerous, have been sent to CIVCSVA. Here is another question: if the fruits have been good, isn't it also the tree? Teach us the Gospel that yes.
  2. We have not had any news of a change in the contents of the Faith by the Institution or any of its members throughout all these years of existence, nor did the slightest glimpse of this appeared during the Apostolic Visit. Unfortunately, other orders have even seen some of its members publicly affirm things contrary to Dogma. Did the Minor journalist bother to write something about it? If the answer is negative, why two weights and two measures? We will not stand before a sacralized version of somoza cynicism, the Nicaraguan dictator who said, "to my friends money (plata), my enemies lead (plomo)"?
  3. The alleged case of induced suicide, which is actually just a regrettable accidental death, has already been analyzed and typified by civilian authorities. The testimony of the father of the deceased religious, released on the Internet with more than three hundred thousand accesses, belies all kinds of suspicions. The case documentation was delivered in tempore opportuno to Apostolic Visitors. At this point, another question arises: would they have read in CIVCSVA the response of the Heralds of 572 pages on these and other topics raised by a small group hostile to the Heralds?

The "vexata quaestio" of a "discretum infectus"…

Minor continues to fly his feather with an exceptional ability to paint with surrealist colors the truth of things. Assures the journalist of "Vida Nueva" that the Heralds "refused the commissioner". Even its Vatican source, the gold beak, returns to the corner with the indication that "the Heralds do not want to obey". For this time, rome expresses the desire to take the reins of the Institution no matter what it costs in order to "reform them from within".

The interesting thing is that Minor recognizes, citing Baura, that the competent ecclesiastical authority has no power to commisther a Private Association of The Faithful. Then, i manifest the blow of fist on the table of those who hold the power nominor quia Leo, because, according to Menor, "in the Holy See there is full convincing that there are legal tools to take the reins of the Heralds". And it doesn't matter if it's private or public association: "the intervention will move on"…

According to Nasón: "inde data eleges, ne fortior omnia posset – the laws are so that the powerful can not everything"… The Heralds, as it is meridianally clear in their press release, did not refuse the commissioner, including welcoming him with veneration and respect as an eminent cardinal of the Holy Roman Church. Without an embargo, they observed a regrettable misunderstanding in the Decree that invalidates it for a serious error of legal entity and resorted to law. The Institution is not to blame for the praxis suitcase exercised by the Congregation.

On the other hand, so misplaced will not have been the attitude of the Heralds, based on sound legal arguments, when even the Commissioner's own assistant – for years secretary of the Pontifical Council for the Interpretation of Legislative Texts – confirmed that the objection is admissible. This is his words: "As regards the situation of the Herald sand association, I will p[para a Santa Sé]repare a letter to explain that there is indeed a permissible objection concerning the legal nature of the Association and the type of intervention possible by the competent authority. The issue of the Association is the true and pertinent objection on the subject."

To conclude…

The Heralds Association of the Gospel is still waiting for a concrete and objective presentation of this fearsome series of "presumed crimes, sins and irregularities" mentioned by "Vida Nueva" in the penalty of its journalist Minor. Meanwhile, the Herald's commissariat remains unknown…


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