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The Heralds of the Gospel were sought by the SBT and, for more than an hour, answered the questions raised by trainee reporter John Silva. The interview was held in the Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary, in Caieiras, São Paulo, and was attended by Revmo. Pe. Alex Barbosa de Brito, member of the Virgo Flos Carmeli Clerical Society of Apostolic Life, and several members of the Women's Sector of the Heralds of the Gospel, as well as families and co-workers of the Association.

Interviewer John Silva's first question was: "What is the service, what is the assistance, how does the education of young people provided by the Heralds of the Gospel work?"

Watch the answer in full:


First, the priest answered, the Heralds of the Gospel have the mission of Going all over the world and proclaiming to everyone the Gospel for the intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, as St John Paul II said on the day of the pontifical approval of this entity, in February 2001. However, this is carried out in several ways, according to the activities proper to each herald.

Currently the Heralds of the Gospel care for a parish, with about fourteen communities, in the Diocese of Bragança Paulista and serve about fifty thousand people in this pastoral activity. In other over, there are herald priests on duty to provide spiritual help in hospitals. In addition, we have seen thousands of people materially through campaigns, food supply, vocational courses and, above all, moral training.

As for the training of young people, we have colleges that work in partnership with the Institution. These colleges regularly comply with MEC standards. Students are not members of the Heralds, they will only be, if they so decide, at the age of 18 or as engaged laypeople, members of a family, or if they wish to follow the paths of consecrated life, they can enter the priestly pathways or, for young women, to vote in the Regina Virginum society.

To the reporter's question one could speak of "boarding school", or this word was inappropriate, the priest replied, "It is inaccurate". Depending on age, these students study in schools, but some reside at home, others, in the institution's home, with the authorization of parents, because they are minors, however, do not reside in the school.


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