Capital Letter – 8 out of 9: what are the oscules, and what do they mean?2 minutos para ler

On October 10, 2019, the Heralds of the Gospel were sought by Carta Capital magazine and, for 45 minutes, answered some questions brought by reporter Thais Reis Oliveira. The interview was carried out at the Mother House of the Heralds of the Gospel and was attended by Fr. Alex Barbosa de Brito, member of the Virgo Flos Carmeli Clerical Society of Apostolic Life and spiritual assistant to the Heralds of the Gospel.

Reporter Thais Reis Oliveira questioned Fr. Alex regarding the existence of "sacral osculums", which she said were supposed oscules that the founder of the Heralds of the Gospel would have given in girls.

Watch the response in the video below:


With simplicity and transparency, Fr. Alex responded by defining what is exactly an osculum, that is, a kiss. Now, nowadays people greet each other by giving each other the face; in the old days the gentleman wreaved the hand of the ladies; children kiss their parents; there are even pictures of the Pope kissing children's faces.

"Now, if that's something you can attribute as a crime, it seems to me that it's an unsustainable ilnation, doesn't it? It is already the desire to slander a person properly."

In another, fr. says. Alex that Mons. João Clá has always been with small in groups accompanied by priests and in open environments, especially in the case of the women's sector. Even when He answered Confession, he did it in everyone's eyes. And this is a counsel that the founder has always given to priests and that is fulfilled with all rigor. Therefore, concluded the religious, the prosecution referred to is another one among those that are not based or supported.

To close the issue, he offered the reporter to interview the thousands of people and families who can give their testimony:

"Integral living members of the male sector, the women's sector, or co-workers of the institution, or former members of these three groups I have just mentioned."


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