Fantastic interview the Heralds – 8 out of 8: Do the Heralds use weapons?2 minutos para ler

Walace Lara, a reporter for TV Globo, in an interview recorded on October 19, 2019, asked if the Heralds have guns, and the reason – he claims – of "students" (sic) taking shooting courses. The Ep. Alex immediately answered that this lie, expressing his indignation against certain slanderthat are being raised, as scandalous as gratuitous, even stating that the institution has gun sheds, which is absurd and completely Unfounded. Just visit any house of the Heralds to prove that this accusation is false; so, if someone claims it, but does not prove it before justice, they will have to answer.


Continuing deeper into the theme, Fr. Alex explained that it was necessary to distinguish between two genders of weapon use situations: possession and size. Now, in the Heralds of the Gospel there is no carrying of weapons. Some individuals may eventually have possession, as long as the rules of Brazilian legislation are observed. This is not promoted by the institution, but corresponds to the freedom of personal initiative.

The reporter insisted on asking if there were guns in the Heralds. Pe. Alex again explained that the institution has no weapons, although some individuals have the registration, provided by the army, and others were advised by the police to possess them, for living in distant and dangerous places.

Walace Lara replied that a "former student" (sic) would have submitted two shooting course certificates, to which the Fr. immediately. Alex answered him, asking how old he was when he took this course. Ten years? Fifteen years? Now, if he was of age and wanted to do it, he is free for it, like any other Brazilian. The Ep. Alex, however, pointed out that in the Heralds this practice is not common, even if a few carry it out by sport, always according to the laws that the army determines.

Finally, the reporter questioned whether there was any guidance in this regard, to that Fr. Alex replied, jokingly, that the only guidance he received, regularly fulfilled for thirty years – and before he belonged to the Heralds – was to carry his rosary as a weapon. "This, I always port," he concluded.


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