Fantastic interview the Heralds – 6 out of 8: Do the Heralds make exorcisms?2 minutos para ler

Walace Lara, a reporter for TV Globo, in an interview recorded on October 19, 2019, asked about the practices of exorcism that, according to circulation, would be carried out by the Heralds of the Gospel. The Ep. Alex Brito explained that the Catholic Church distinguishes between two types of exorcism: the "public", which can only be exercised by the Diocesan Bishop or someone with leave given by him, and the "private", also called "blessing of healing and liberation", that any priest can Do.


About the videos aired – unscrupulously and criminally – by certain channels of the internet, The Pe. Alex explained that they consist of excerpts from a mass shoot at the end of which, already back to the sacristy, the camera captured the scene in question. The very person who was the object of blessing thanked the benefit received. This recording file had been saved so that the images of the people present there were not exposed. The priest concluded that when someone asks for a blessing, saying he feels tormented by something, it is natural to give. What you're looking for is for the person to be happy.

To the reporter's question about whether the Church had not banned this kind of practice, Fr. Alex explained that "public" exorcism requires leave, but not "private" exorcism, which can be practiced by any priest.

On the occasion of the release of the videos, the Bishop of Bragança Paulista held a meeting with some members of the Heralds, among whom was The Fr. Alex. There, they distinguished themselves between the two types of exorcism; the Bishop, having requested the opinion of the judicial vicar of the diocese, gave the case closed, even ploughing a minutes of the meeting, which was signed by the Bishop himself.

The reporter then alleged alleged reports of students who would have been exorcised in high school by college priests; Mother Mariana Morazzani clarified that this statement does not correspond to the truth of the facts.


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