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The Press Department of the Heralds of the Gospel published on August 28, 2019, an extensive report entitled "Persecution of the Catholic Church in Brazil?", in which the fallacious statements contained in a report entitled "The secrets of Heralds: what hide the walls of castles inhabited by ultraconservative Catholic group", published on August 23, 2019 by the news portal Metropolises.

See the overall response plan here.

6. Cherchez l'argent… – search for the money…

No slander would be complete without involving the money. Well, the article states that there are complaints about the Heralds on the site "Complain here". Now, the same can be said of the Site Metropolises … institutions.

The report wants to imply that, in reality, there would be fraudulent financial transactions. But here applies the saying: "Fraud marries the fraudster." That is, do anonymous accusers actually seek the truth, common good and that of the Church, or try to defraud facts to force indemnification? Any common sense reader will be able to answer that question. For those who still have doubts, just remember Plutarch's phrase: "Every war has pecuniary interests." The detractors, however, forgot that Jesus Christ promised indestructibility to the Church (Mt 16:18-19); already the said news vehicle, with so many untruths, how much will it last?

In any case, in the face of the ramblings presented by the report, it is necessary to clarify that all financial resources of the Association come from legitimate donations, duly accounted for and audited by an external company of high international prestige. Raising suspicions in this regard would be like wanting to impute the same crime to virtually every serious institution on the planet. A real nonsense.


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