Pe. Alex: what's behind religious persecution?Nem um minuto para ler

For a few weeks, the Catholic institution, of international fame, Heralds of the Gospel has been the target of discriminatory, libelous and gratuitous attacks by Rede Globo de Televisão, specifically through the Program Fantastic.

Sought by Walace Lara, the channel's reporter, the Heralds have repeatedly set out themselves to restore the truth, but the programming presented on television continues to sexist to distort the facts, present untruths, and spread slander.

Tired of so much partiality, sympathizers, family and friends of the Heralds of the Gospel took over social networks to finally have justice done to the truth, even if only at the hands of the Brazilian people. However, is the question? What else is behind such a systematic campaign?

In the video we share below, Fr. Alex presents the facts as they were. This could serve to better understand what could be motivating some people to desire the destruction of an institution whose sole commitment is to serve the Church, Brazil and the good people.


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