Fantastic interview the Heralds, but does not publishNem um minuto para ler

In the framework of the communication of the Vatican-issued Commissariat Decree, there seems to have been an outbreak of interest regarding our Association from many press agencies, perhaps especially attracted by a wave of defamatory news that unscrupulous journalism agencies have spread.

This gave us the opportunity to demystify, in the program Fantastic (recorded on October 19, 2019, and launched the next day), the main ghostdorias who have sought to foam very much in low water. However, the interview of almost an hour practically nothing ended up going out on the air.

To meet the numerous requests of the public, desirous to know the facts as they were, and not through tergiversadas or amputee versions, we will publish here each of the answers presented, not only in the Program Fantastic, but also to the others such as radios and TVs.


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