Homily: The tyranny of evil against the Royalty of Christ3 minutos para ler

The Heralds of the Gospel seek to bring the Good News of the Gospel everywhere. There where they are invited to act, in coordination with the pastoral guidelines of each diocese, the Herald priests seek to bring words of joy, trust and support to Catholics and to all men and women of good will. In order to take this message even further, the "Word for Our Day" programme seeks to offer a synthetic view of the essential points of the liturgy of each Sunday.

In the video we offered below, excerpts from some of the homilies delivered on Sunday 24 November 2019 were compiled:

  • Pe. Alex Barbosa de Brito – Basilica Of Our Lady of the Rosary of Fatima, in Cotia (SP)
  • Pe. Anderson Fernandes Pereira – Headquarters of the Heralds, in Brasilia (DF)
  • Pe. Aaron Otílio Gabriel Mazive – Seat of the Heralds in Maputo (Mozambique)
  • Pe. Dartagnan Alves de Oliveira – Capela São Francisco, caieiras (SP)
  • Pe. Joshua Alexander Siqueira – Chapel São Paulo, in Caieiras (SP)
  • Pe. Lourenço Isidoro Ferronatto – Oratory Our Lady of Fatima in Nova Friburgo (RJ)
  • Pe. Luiz Francisco Beccari – Capela São José, caieiras (SP)
  • Pe. Max Adriano Gomes Ribeiro – Headquarters of the Heralds, in Campo Grande (MS)
  • Pe. Ricardo José Basso – Basilica Of Our Lady of the Rosary of Fatima, in Cotia (SP)



Faced with the tyranny of evil over man, the liturgy introduces us to the Royalty of Christ. Indeed, in the Gospel, we see the leaders of the people mocking Our Lord. Now, if He came to earth in our day, preaching what he preached, performing miracles and all sorts of goods, wouldn't they want to crucifying him again? And who would promote this crucifixion would not be the same ones who promoted his crucifix when the first time came? Why is that? Because there are those who do not want the Royalty of Christ, preferring the tyranny of evil.

What does it take for Our Lord to reign today? Especially two things: may we want him to reign within us, and that He has holy ministers who desire and work for Him to reign in the world. In this sense, we see the work done by Mons. John Claudia for the Church, struggling to sustain her faith and integrity on calamitous days, attracting men and women to the religious vocation, and thousands of people to the boon of the Church. However, attacks against his person and his integrity are multiplying. Why so much persecution? To end the celibacy? To destroy the priesthood and religious life? To extinguish faith and family?

We must therefore pray that the tyranny that again intend to pursue Our Lord in the members of His Church will be over once again. It is true that Our Lord is King and that his kingdom will be implanted at any given time on the face of the earth. This is what we ask every day: "Be done your Will, as on earth as in Heaven." We, however, are invited to participate in this kingdom, adhering to Him and living for the time being as subjects of this King.


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