Homily: Struggle of History, and integrity3 minutos para ler

The Heralds of the Gospel seek to bring the Good News of the Gospel everywhere. There where they are invited to act, in coordination with the pastoral guidelines of each diocese, the Herald priests seek to bring words of joy, trust and support to Catholics and to all men and women of good will. In order to take this message even further, the "Word for Our Day" programme seeks to offer a synthetic view of the essential points of the liturgy of each Sunday.

In the video we offered below, excerpts from some of the homilies delivered on Sunday November 17, 2019, were compiled in the most diverse places of this immense and blessed Brazil:

  • Pe. Carlos Adriano Santos dos Reis – Basilica Of Our Lady of the Rosary, caieiras (SP)
  • Pe. Eduardo Zacarias de Paula – Headquarters of the Heralds, in Fortaleza (CE)
  • Pe. Gilberto de Oliveira – Chapel Nossa Senhora do Pilar, in Ubatuba (SP)
  • Pe. Íñigo Abbad Luengo – Seat of the Heralds in Maringá (PR)
  • Pe. João Carlos Fidelis de Moura – Basilica Of Our Lady of the Rosary of Fatima, in Cotia (SP)
  • Pe. João Carlos Gomes Barroso – Capela São Paulo, in Campos dos Goytacazes (RJ)
  • Pe. Joshua Alexander Siqueira – Seat of the Heralds, in Montes Claros (MG)
  • Pe. Louis Goyard – Basilica Of Our Lady of the Rosary of Fatima, in Cotia (SP)
  • Pe. Lourenço Isidoro Ferronatto – Oratory Our Lady of Fatima in Nova Friburgo (RJ)
  • Pe. Luiz Francisco Beccari – Capela São José, caieiras (SP)
  • Pe. Marcos Faes de Araújo – Capela Santo Elias, in Caieiras (SP)
  • Pe. Mauro Sérgio da Silva Izabel – Basilica Of Our Lady of the Rosary of Fatima, in Cotia (SP)
  • Pe. Max Adriano Gomes Ribeiro – Headquarters of the Heralds, in Campo Grande (MS)
  • Pe. Millon Barros de Almeida – Basilica Of Our Lady of the Rosary, in Caieiras (SP)



History is a struggle between Good and Evil, and for Evil to win, it needs to destroy anything that can still represent Good, Truth and Beauty.

Today's Gospel is a great prophecy, and today we see parts of it already beginning to come true. Moreover, many prophecies are already underway in fulfillment; It can be said that the revelations made by Our Lady in Fatima underline this liturgy, for everything that is happening in our days in the world is related to Fatima.

We're living in a peak time of evil. In these circumstances, God asks us for a prime of good, and this is integrity.

To stimulate us in this sense, He places good examples within our reach, on our way, that finding in others the true face of Christ be facilitated us to follow in his footsteps. For the Heralds, namely the person of Monsignor John Claudia has always been an example of this integrity, of unique virtue, of fidelity to the Church; it was moved by this example that the Herald priests enthusiastically embraced the priestly and religious vocation.

In the integrity of the good lies the victory of God, and it is with those that Our Lady will cause his Immaculate Heart to triumph.

Approaching the end of the liturgical cycle, the readings of mass become increasingly "eschatological": that is, they point to the great final events of history, the final struggle, the Judgment of God, the final sentence on humanity, eternal condemnation for the and eternal salvation for the good. We know that God will come to judge our historical era, and this moment is getting closer and closer.

Where will I be when that happens? Between the children of the Virgin or the children of the serpent? Today, Our Lady – through the liturgy that the Church reserved for this Sunday – invites us to be part of her elect. This is, especially, the grace we must ask Our Lord Jesus Christ.


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