Fantastic interview the Heralds – 5 out of 8: In the Heralds, there are abuses?2 minutos para ler

Walace Lara, a reporter for TV Globo, in an interview recorded on October 19, 2019, asked about alleged reports of ongoing harassment of investigation, including reports of kisses and rapes, directed at the person of the founder, Monsignor João Clá. Pe. Alex has made records the need for the press to meticulously analyze the data he receives before publishing something, so that slander is avoided and, finally, court decisions, as in the case of "Base School".


The Ep. Alex Brito replied that it was necessary to distinguish, because kissing someone on the face is a social act of fulfillment, as the interviewer himself practiced before the interview, which in no way constitutes a crime. As for the alleged accusation that Mons. João Scognamiglio Clá Dias had kissed a student in the mouth, declared to be entirely false and slanderous, which was reaffirmed by the sisters who were present at the interview, and may also be by all members of the women's sector of the Heralds of the Gospel.

As for the rape charge, Fr. Alex said he was a witness to the innocence of the three accused priests, reputing unworthy consideration that he took a police report as evidence of evidence. The investigation follows its course and, in the end of it, the victims of this slander will be able to turn to justice to safeguard their rights.

Wallace Lara sought to defend the press, claiming that the material provided in the case of the "Base School" scandal was a misguided report. The Ep. Alex, however, countered that this is precisely what is happening again today with TV Globo: "we are facing a defamatory campaign, driven by disaffections to the Church and the Institution."

Mother Mariana claimed to have had access to the whistleblower document when she was called to testify. And he adds that he noticed a sudden change in the cordial relationships he had with the accuser so far. Asked by the reporter if she knew why the accuser's change of attitude was known, she replied that she ignored her, since the girl never told her anything about the accusations she currently makes.


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