Fantastic interview the Heralds – 4 out of 8: Are the Heralds racist?Nem um minuto para ler

Walace Lara, a reporter for TV Globo, in an interview recorded on October 19, 2019, asked for explanations about an alleged report that the bookwork of the house was up to the "black interns" – including teenagers – who they have separated lunch and do not participate in the activities such as the others. Mother Mariana Morazzani replied that in the various houses of the Heralds of the Gospel the conviviality is natural, harmonious and devoid of any ethnic prejudice among members of various origins, based, this is, on fraternal charity.

Watch the full response of the Heralds.


They are called "intendants" those sisters who help especially in the kitchen work, all of them of age. However, this function simply indicates a special dedication, since all members of the Heralds of the Gospel, of age, share the same tasks at certain times, without any distinction arising from ethnicity.

The Ep. Alex Brito added that, even as a priest, he also performs office at the House of Formation: "in the classroom, I am as a teacher; at meal, I am serving the table", and eventually performs house cleaning functions.

Therefore, all members of the Heralds of the Gospel, of age, participate in the manual work, for the good of the religious community, without prejudice.


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