SBT interviews the Heralds – 6 of 20: What did the apostolic visit result?2 minutos para ler

The Heralds of the Gospel were sought by the SBT and, for more than an hour, answered the questions raised by trainee reporter John Silva. The interview was held in the Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary, in Caieiras, São Paulo, and was attended by Revmo. Pe. Alex Barbosa de Brito, member of the Virgo Flos Carmeli Clerical Society of Apostolic Life, and several members of the Women's Sector of the Heralds of the Gospel, as well as families and co-workers of the Association.

In this video, Fr. Alex takes a look at the Apostolic Visit, held between 2017 and 2018, and its outcome in the Commissariat.

Watch the answer in full:


On the follow-up that the Vatican authorities have carried out in the Heralds of the Gospel, in the last two years, Fr. Alex de Brito, EP, confirmed that, between 2017 and 2018, an Apostolic Visit was held at the institution. Three visitors were appointed, namely: D. Jaime Spengler, D. Sérgio de Deus and Br. Marie Antoinette Bruscato. They visited all the houses, interviewed members and former members, and concluded that there is nothing that desabones morale, the economic part and the behavioral-disciplinary part in the Heralds of the Gospel. At the end of their Visit, eight questions were submitted to the institution, answered in 570 pages and 40 annexes, totaling 70 volumes, delivered to visitors.

Then the priest recalled that the Holy See appointed Cardinal D. Raimundo Damasceno as Commissioner of the Holy See with the Institution. In a homily of October 16, D. Damasceno declared that the Commissariat is not a punishment, it is not a penalty; where it is concluded once again – according to Fr. Alex – that there is no penalty, no punishment, let alone some offense that can be attributed to the institution.

The priest concludes by saying that the other information on the decree presented by the Commissioners is public, transparent, and that the official press releases of the Heralds of the Gospel can be read.


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