Fantastic interview with the Heralds – 2 out of 8: Do the Heralds hate the family?2 minutos para ler

Walace Lara, a reporter for TV Globo, in an interview recorded on October 19, 2019, said that former heralds would have informed him that the Heralds of the Gospel encourage hatred of families and that some families would have confirmed that their children move away from homes and have a major change in behavior. The Ep. Alex Barbosa de Brito responded by showing the unfounded of these accusations, evidenced by the hundreds and thousands of testimonies of members, former members and families who claim otherwise.


The Ep. Alex Barbosa de Brito explains that the accusation that the Heralds would encourage hatred of families "lacks foundation", since, on the contrary, there is "the desire to imbricarthe families a lot", to the point that there are entire families who come to belong to the Association. He cites the Heralds Journal of the Gospel of October, which demonstrates a very different reality from the version of the accusing party: in the article entitled "Our children are in good hands", family members bear witness to their satisfaction in educational work carried out by the Heralds. These statements are only a small portion of the more than 2,000 existing statements. The priest also recalled that minors never attend the colleges, or activities, of the institution without first having a written authorization from their families.

The Ep. Alex confirmed there were also some people who, not understanding the charisma of the institution, ended up disconnecting from it over time. Of these, there is a plot that is quite disaffected, and which is at the origin of the campaign of slander that the institution currently faces, whose answers – he laments – are often not published in full by the corresponding bodies.

As for the content of the prosecution, Fr. Alex concludes, synthetically and categorically, that "this is not true", invoking the testimony of hundreds – and even thousands – of members, former members, and their respective families who, evidencing exactly the opposite of the accusations made, consider the Heralds Association of the Gospel as "the good hands" in which they deposit their children.


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