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The Press Department of the Heralds of the Gospel published on August 28, 2019, an extensive report entitled "Persecution of the Catholic Church in Brazil?", in which the fallacious statements contained in a report entitled "The secrets of Heralds: what hide the walls of castles inhabited by ultraconservative Catholic group", published on August 23, 2019 by the news portal Metropolises.

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5. You will worship the Lord your God

a) A lesson from Catechism for children

It is absolutely false that "the feeling that heralds demonstrate by leader Clá Dias is of worship." As one learns from the Catechism for children and by the Holy Bible itself, worship is rendered only to God. As for Mons. John, he is only highly esteemed within the Church and in the most different social media, because he is the founder of a world-famous institution, for being an Apostolic Protonotary of His Holiness and Honorary Canon of St Mary Major (Rome). He is also a PhD in Theology and Canon Law, as well as having a degree in Civil Law, Psychology and Philosophy. It received one of the highest distinctions awarded by the Holy See, the Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice medal. He also wrote numerous works with worldwide dissemination, including some published by the Vatican publisher and translated into several languages. It was also awarded numerous decorations in the civil, military and religious spheres. Although it has a prestigious biography and exemplary conduct this does not obviously imply in the worship cult of worship, reserved, as clarified, only to God.

b) A little more respect

Plus, it's unreal than Mons. John exerts "absolute leadership" over the Heralds. He never did, for his government has always been characterized by dialogue and fraternal spirit, seeking first and foremost harmony between members. Indeed, in June 2017 he presented his resignation as President General of the Heralds of the Gospel due to advanced age (as, moreover, the report points out). His decision has no relation to the apostolic visit begun that year. Without embargo, as is natural, Mons. John continues to inspire the Work from the out of his hands, especially by the example of Christian life, sacrificed spirit and by his writings of imperishable wisdom.

As for the biblical teachings on matter, He already taught Leviticus (19:32) to distinguish a person dignified by age and the fear that is due to God: "You will rise before a canned head, honor the person of the elder, and fear your God. I am the Lord."


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