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The Press Department of the Heralds of the Gospel published on August 28, 2019, an extensive report entitled "Persecution of the Catholic Church in Brazil?", in which the fallacious statements contained in a report entitled "The secrets of Heralds: what hide the walls of castles inhabited by ultraconservative Catholic group", published on August 23, 2019 by the news portal Metropolises.

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7. Religious discrimination continues

"Whoever throws a stone in the air sees her fall upon his head," says the wise author of the Ecclesiastical (27:28). And that's actually what happens to the report. In this chapter, the contours of slander, defamation and religious discrimination (law 7,716/89) become even more evident.

Without ties, the authors soon criticize the "eccentricity" of the clothes. Then they come to invent "secret rituals" and "shocking scenes" denounced to the Public Prosecutor's Office of São Paulo (MPSP). What the report exempts itself from commenting is that the charges were answered by documentary and full evidence by the institution, presented in a thorough manner and in accordance with current legislation. Add to this that the report states that it had access to information of the representation filed with the MPSP that runs in secret of justice (which was required by the whistleblowers themselves). Once such sensitive data is revealed, the confession of guilt of the illegality of the report is manifested. In addition, it collects an excerpt from the manifestly defamatory and reviling piece when presenting Mons. John as an "disguised and manipulative dictator", "who physically and psychologically harms children and young people". Now, what is the plea lodged? No. Accusations of this content may be appropriate to the gloomy dens of the Internet, not of a suitable information vehicle that intends to "provide service to the society of the Federal District and the country", as stated in the Metropolitan Office.

As for the question of exorcism, it would be enough for the vehicle to verify the broad responses of the Heralds of the Gospel in this area. Furthermore, it should be recalled that the competent authority to assess this theme is ecclesiastical. Now, the Church examined the case and found no wrongdoing. Insisting on the judgment of religious acts in an anticlerical way can only constitute in flagrante disregard for the faith of those of them.


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