Homily: Will there be a Noah for our day?3 minutos para ler

The Heralds of the Gospel seek to bring the Good News of the Gospel everywhere. There where they are invited to act, in coordination with the pastoral guidelines of each diocese, the Herald priests seek to bring words of joy, trust and support to Catholics and to all men and women of good will. In order to take this message even further, the "Word for Our Day" programme seeks to offer a synthetic view of the essential points of the liturgy of each Sunday.

In the video we offered below, excerpts from some of the homilies delivered on Sunday December 1, 2019 were compiled:

  • Pe. Carlos Adriano Santos dos Reis – Basilica Of Our Lady of the Rosary, caieiras (SP)
  • Pe. Christian Almeida Durães – Headquarters of the Heralds, in Recife (PE)
  • Pe. David Carlos Francisco – Headquarters of the Heralds, in Campos dos Goytacazes (RJ)
  • Pe. Leonardo Resende – Seat of the Heralds in Joinville (SC)
  • Pe. Luiz Francisco Beccari – Capela São José, caieiras (SP)
  • Pe. Paulo Sérgio Martins – Headquarters of the Heralds, in Curitiba (PR)
  • Pe. Ricardo José Basso – Basilica Of Our Lady of the Rosary of Fatima, in Cotia (SP)
  • Pe. Rodrigo Fugiyama Nunes – Basilica Of Our Lady of the Rosary, in Caieiras (SP)
  • Pe. Wagner Silva – Headquarters of the Heralds, in Salvador (BA)



The Church is, as always has been, the beacon of truth, and as such she must shine and enlighten: shine by her virtues, to illuminate with her teachings; and, as the first reading presents it, She must be put on top, for everyone should be able to see her. The men, in turn, will be judged according to the accession they gave to this lighthouse.

In our day, so calamitous, "the night is already early", but "salvation is closer to us". Thus, the second reading warns us that, in order to see this salvation, we must awaken.

In this context, following the Church with integrity today makes us something similar to Noah's contemporaries. And the Gospel gives us this warning: "The flood is coming! The first drops are already felt!" In these situations, the righteous always overcome, and that those who follow the "Noah" that God sends, to give their way to every stage of history, do not perish with the "floodes". So these days more than ever, don't we need to be in the service of a Noah?

It is therefore necessary to seek the "Noah" of our day and his "Ark": that is, the Church, where she truly is, in a righteous, pure and authentic way. Many are already "entering the ark." But it is up to each one to decide for his own destiny… Indeed, while Noah built the Ark, many were those who mocked him. Nowadays, he again "be fashionable" mock "Noah" and his followers…

Who's going to be right? History will tell what happened to those who wanted to destroy the Ark and denigrate Noah, and how those who heard the Voice of God were victorious through the mouth sofes of the prophets.


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