First response from the Heralds to "Vida Nueva" – 2 out of 26 minutos para ler

On October 21, 2019, The Nueva magazine of Spain published a article entitled "Heraldos del Evangelio: Vatican examen to fondo", dedicating numerous pages to the theme, and also published the article that the Heralds of the Gospel had sent in response to the very generic questions, sent previously by the magazine.

It follows, the continuation, Part II of this first article of the Heralds. Understand the entire context of the story by reading the introduction to Part I, previously published.

Continuation: The Heralds of the Gospel defend themselves after Vatican intervention: "There are no abuses"

Ecclesiological deviations with lack of acceptance of the Roman Pontiff

It's pretty generic the theme. One should ask what ecclesiological deviations are these and what they refer to. In any case, St John Paul II approved the Heralds of the Gospel in 2001. Benedict XVI not only definitively approved the statutes of the Heralds of the Gospel, but also granted Pontifical Approval to the two Societies of Apostolic Life and in his book interview Light of the World speaks with esteem of the Heralds of the Gospel. Pope Francis on several occasions had contact with heralds of the Gospel in Mozambique on his recent trip to those lands. Every day in the houses of the Heralds at the end of the Worship of the Blessed Sacrament is prayed in the intentions of the Roman Pontiff. In various Nunciatures there are Heralds of the Gospel who work at the service of the Holy See.

And in the Dioceses in which we operate there is an affective and effective Communion with the Pastors, working in various areas. There are numerous written testimonies of Cardinals, Archbishops, Bishops, priests and religious.

The Gaudium Press News Agency, promoted by the Heralds of the Gospel, broadcasts news every day about the life of the Church and the activities of Pope Francis.

And what is obvious, if they did not accept the Pope, they would not have accepted the Apostolic Visit in the recently appointed Commissioner. On the contrary, they were welcomed with all normality and in the spirit of Ecclesial Communion.

Exorcism practices without authorization

This theme was widely addressed in the response that the Heralds gave to the eight questions of completion of the apostolic visit. In short, we will say that regarding videos published on the Internet by former disgruntled members of the Heralds, it was reported that it is audiovisual recordings of clergy meetings and liberation prayers. About the videos of presumed exorcisms made by Mons. John and herald priests, an Interdisciplinary Research Commission was created, composed of canonists, theologians, doctors, psychiatrists and other specialists to clarify the facts. The study explains that the so-called exorcisms performed by the Heralds are in fact prayers of healing and liberation, also called private and extraordinary exorcisms (virtute charismatis), for which there is no impediment or regulation canonical-liturgical, since canon 1172 refers to solemn or larger exorcisms, carried out on behalf of the Church by a priest with a leave of the local Ordinary.

These private exorcisms are not sacramental in nature. On this and other related topics, in response to the Visitors, documents were presented with the opinion of theologians, canonists, exorcists and numerous historical antecedents of the ecclesial tradition.

The canonical opinion of the Judicial Vicar of the Diocese of Bragança Paulista (place where these prayers took place) clearly confirmed that these prayers of release or private exorcism, due to their characteristics, are not subject to the regulation of the canon Quoted. The Heralds of the Gospel are in accordance with this document, including with respect to the prudence recommended by the diocesan bishop of Bragança Paulista, when he received the pertinent explanations.

Deficiencies in academic training offered in their schools

Regarding academic training, it is enough to give some data that explains how it develops. The Colleges in Brazil, Colombia and elsewhere have their study plan according to the program of the respective Ministry of Education. In Brazil there is the Aristotelian-Tomista Philosophical Institute – IFAT that has agreements with several universities. It is interesting to point out the Universities in which members of the Heralds of the Gospel have obtained Degrees and Doctorates: Pontificia Università Gregoriana; Pontificia Università San Tommaso – Angelicum; Pontificia Università Lateranense; Pontificia Università Salesiana; Pontificia Universidad de Salamanca; University of Minho (Braga, Portugal); Lusophone University of Humanities and Technologies (Lisbon, Portugal); Universidad Pontifical Bolivariana (Medellín); Universidad Católica de Colombia (Bogotá); Universidad Metropolitana de Asunción (Paraguay); Facultad de Teología Pontifícia y Civil de Lima (Peru); São Camilo University Center (São Paulo).

Currently there are: 52 Doctors (10 in Canon Law); 24 in Dogmatic/Biblical/Moral/Spiritual/Fundamental Theology; 17 in Philosophy; 1 in Bioethics; 65 Graduates (8 in Canon Law; 35 in Theology; 15 in Philosophy; 6 in Pedagogy; 1 in Psychology); 341 bachelors (civil title) in Theology from the Brazilian Italian University Center of São Paulo. More than 45 in postgraduate studies in Tomist Theology from the Brazilian Italian University Center.

Sexual abuse

With God's favor, we can say that there is no sexual abuse. The accusations that have recently arisen in Brazil do not present evidence that corroborates them. And we regret statements that are not in conformity with the truth of the facts. The Heralds of the Gospel have filed several lawsuits against the entity's slanderers, and reserve the right to continue to do so.

Threat of misfortunes for those who want to leave the institution

The freedom of the Children of God leads to enter or leave an institution, association, or charism. It's a right. When one leaves the Heralds of the Gospel always counts on the affection and prayers of their former companions of ideal. There are countless cases of people who have left the institution and always stay connected to it, as co-operators, as friends or as donors.  They always have the support and desire of others to find Christian perfection and eternal salvation in fulfillment of the commandments. It may be repetitive, but there are many statements from former members who attest to it.

On this point as of others who circulate in relation to the Heralds of the Gospel we must remember the phrase of the famous Roman author Terencio (2nd century BC): "Fallacia combines together combine trudit" – a lie generates other lies.

We hope emmo's performance. Cardinal D. Raymundo Damasceno Assisi and his aides, who as some news agencies recall well is not a sanction, but a help, serve to clarify all necessary to clarify, and give the Heralds of the Gospel new forces to continue all the her evangelizing activity, at the service of the Holy Father and the Church in general, always putting in the hands of the Blessed Virgin Mary the "sweet and comforting joy to evangelize".


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