Dr. Plinio is still waiting, after forty years, a response from Fantástico…8 minutos para ler

In 1978, the Brazilian Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property, TFP, faced another publicity bang. The Globo Television Network had broadcast, in its program Fantástico, a report in which it accused this Society of being exacerbatedly right-wing, free of Christian charity, possessing an exaggerated combativity and bearer of grudges (read the statement of witness of the time).

In response to the matter, Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira published, in catholicism magazine, an article entitled: "About a TV show: TFP to the Brazilian public", demonstrating how unfounded, unilateral and prone to exacerbated leftistism.

In addition, the Diocesan Curia of Campos (RJ) handed the station an "Notice", asking that it be published, in order to clarify the accusations made to tfp. However, to date, the answer has not aired. Nor did they deign to make any observation so on rebuttal. It is worth noting that, already at that time, the said broadcaster boasted of being journalistically exempt and respectful of all religions…

More than forty years have passed since the event, and in the face of the new campaign undertaken by the same television show, it is up to the reader to ask: why so much insistence on unfounded attacks? Or, if the evil they accused the Institution was so serious, what's the reason to shut up so long on the subject, just now to resume it?

In any case, the observations of that time and the proper retractions to the newly conveyed slander are also expected. It is known, however, that if it depends on the custom of the show, its viewers will never hear the truth in full. On the other hand, God proclaimed, through the mouth of the Psalmist, that "Mentita est iniquitas sibi" (Ps 26:12): iniquity lied to herself and will therefore cause damage to the fraudster himself. God always gives reason, sooner or later, to the bearer of truth.

To complete the historical context, we published in full the article published on September 4, 1978, in catholicism (no. 334). It's surprising today.

About a TV show: TFP to Brazilian audiences

The Brazilian Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP), thanking the multiple expressions of support that has been receiving yesterday and today about a television program that implicitly presents it as an organization exacerbated right – according to fanciful version of when in when raised by the left, and always successfully retruded by the entity – informs the public that:

  1. Among the various repairs that deserves the matter put on the air, on Sunday the 3rd, by the program "Fantástico" tv Globo, the most salient concerns the absence of Christian charity, the exaggerated combativity and even the resentment that the broadcaster attributes to the mentality of participants of the TPF. Feeling in this surprisingly misinterpreted way, TFP hastened to address this word of enlightenment to the public. This clarification is offered in a spirit of cordial dialogue with those who have been impressed by the allegations of "Fantastic".
  2. We are sure, moreover, that much of the national public opinion has not been impressed by this. Working our entity in a public square, from north to south of the country, about fifteen years ago, all Brazilians know the exemplary legal and orderly way that characterizes the campaigns. They prove this style of action 1973 offices that we have from delegates, mayors and other authorities from all latitudes of the country, congratulating us on this. No entity thus has an older, firmer and generalized concept of legality of procedure and high standard of dealing with the public. What, already of itself, evidences in her co-workers a very diverse spirit than some participants in Sunday's tele-program.
  3. Certainly, throughout these fifteen years of public action – and as they have demanded it the facts – we have refuted the doctrines that international communism stubbornly tries to inoculate in the country. However, books, newspaper or magazine articles, notes or communications that in considerable quantity we have been publishing in this sense, have been characterized by invariable elevation and delicacy: the plan we are situated is exclusively doctrinal, without ever let us go down to accusations of a personal nature. This is even when we were the target of the toughest and most stupendous attacks, not only doctrinal, as personal. To those who wish to make sure of this statement it will be enough to consult our publications. For the very considerable runs they have achieved, they are in everyone's hands. However, for ease, we cordially put our collections within reach of those who want to examine them. And if anyone thinks you find something that contradicts these assertions, please point us in what work and on what page is the incriminated text.
  4. For all this, one of our most sensitive points of honor is that we recognize the Christianly legal, orderly and cordial character of our performance, which – to add – we know, thank God, effective and successful.
  5. Given the unilaterality of which it so often shows the human spirit, it is understandable that this same effectiveness raises against our entity unfounded resentments and complaints, in sectors of opinion directly or indirectly influenced by the campaign that, with relentless obstinacy, communism has been carrying out to destroy national sovereignty and what remains of Christian civilization in Brazil. Among professed communists, socialists and innocent-useful, sorrows and objections will therefore not be lacking against our entity. But that such objections have come to influence Brazilians who, of course, would not accept being classified into any of these ideological categories, this is what disconcerted us.
  6. Indeed, we were entitled to expect precisely the opposite. We widely consecrate the defense of the country against the doctrinal infiltration of communism, energies and time that we could employ for personal benefit. Thus we have fulfilled a duty of conscience defending the Homeland and Christian civilization against the most radical, violent and ruthless adversary. And no one can doubt the present and eprence of the danger constituted by this. Because such danger is notorious. All free peopleare exposed to him. Because of him, more than once was shed blood of Brazilians. And if evidence were necessary, we have collected 214 high-ranking pronouncements from the armed forces, which in the last three years have warned public opinion against him. Would we have missed the charity, defending Brazil against this adversary? Or, on the contrary, would we have missed justice and charity if we had crossed our arms before him? The National Security Act precepts, in its art. 1:"Every natural or legal person is responsible for national security, within the limits set by law". Have we manifested a lack of a spirit of charity, exaggerated combativity, etc., simply because we have fulfilled this precept, in the private sphere, and within the most scrupulous obedience to the dictates of good order?
  7. For reasons analogous to those already exposed, it is explainable that elements of the so-called "Catholic left" are behaved with us excited by the resentments of unilaterality. Within the Church, the infiltration of communism has been felt notoriously. From this is so certain the national opinion that, already in 1968, 1,600,368 Brazilians signed, in 58 days, the message we sent to Paul VI, asking for measures against communist infiltration in catholic circles. From then on, danger has nothing but grow. And so impressively that in 1977, two Archbishops, without the slightest link with us, denounced to the nation the danger in which, on our side, we have already seen acting. What is it, we ask, the lack of Christian charity? In pointing out the danger that threatens the Church and alarms good Catholics? You're not, on the contrary, crossing your arms in front of him?
  8. With these considerations, we do not want to fuel controversies. But just clarify some Brazilians who don't understand us. It's opening your eyes to what you do. Who takes advantage of the manifestation of the hasty and ill-informed preventions of them, against the largest anti-communist civil entity in the country? That is what, cordially and attentively, we would like to reflect. Don't judge us without knowing us: that's all we ask of them. You couldn't ask them less, not more affably.
  9. Other weights would still be to formulate about the article put on the air, about TFP, by TV Globo. The lack of space doesn't allow us to do it. On the subjects related to Miracema and other Parishes of the Diocese of Campos – for which the "Fantastic" program holds us accountable – we have only said: D. Antonio de Castro Mayer, Bishop of Campos, endowed with the intelligence, culture and personality that he were worth national and international renown, obviously it cannot be regarded as mere "puppet" of TFP. He has his Seminary, in which he forms his Priests according to the spirit and doctrine of the Church. Dedicated and modelpriests, in whom it is also impossible to see mere puppets from the TFP. On the facts exhibited by TV Globo in this and previous programs, the Diocesan Curia of Campos gave the fire a high, serene and widely explanatory Notice, whose text delivered in hand to this advertising company on August 31 p.p., with the request that it be disclosed in full. We continue to expect the company to pick up the order. While this does not happen, TFP has, at the disposal of interested parties, this memorable document.
  10. Moreover, these and other misunderstandings will not give us a long way to continue with Christian patience – that is, with serenity of spirit and action, with constancy and unbreakable soul courage – in the defense of the Church and Christian civilization. "Alios glazed winds, aliasque procelas," Virgil wrote: tfp has already faced, impavid, other storms. And he remains sure of success, because of the promise made by the Holy Spirit to those who are Christian and varonilmente patients (Gl 5:22).

São Paulo, September 4, 1978.


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